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Artificial turf for Golf

Césped artificial para golf

Once the early reluctance of users and players of this sport was overcome, artificial turf for golf has made gains as was the case with football a few years ago.

This product offers you a surface whose behaviour mirrors natural grass, and it has been tested by professional golfers for optimal performance. That is why this synthetic turf is gaining ground in sports facilities. Today it is used either as the basic grass unit for an entire grounds or as a supplement.

The savings in maintenance costs, durability and the possibility of intensive use of synthetic turf has made it an increasingly common product in all kinds of sport facilities: football pitches, rugby, golf ... The ease and low cost synthetic turf, as well as greater "resistance" in areas that receive with heavy foot traffic have become extremely cost-effective.

We use players’ perceptions as our reference point.

Through numerous laboratory studies and many game tests and simulations, Verdalia ensures the ball behaviour is similar to a natural grass field, and a flawless look every day of the year. It is here where the professional or amateur player can see the quality of our product and all components have been tested rigorously.

Advantages of artificial turf for golf

Verdalia Golf Range

Verdalia Golf, the new artificial turf for golf. Family Golf Verdalia synthetic turf consists of several models with different fibre types studied and tested for each type of game.

Verdalia Golf Verdalia Golf Verdalia Golf

The easy installation allows for a progressive application

The combination of artificial and natural grass in one field is entirely feasible, especially in areas of more use. The flexibility of the synthetic turf for Golf Verdalia allows partial application to great advantage.

The practice areas, pitch & put, peers and tees are the parts of the countryside who suffer most and where it is most suitable synthetic turf. In addition, lakes and bunkers to be used our coloured lawn, this way they will never lose the ball.

Rough areas can be combined with various heights as desired, with the player penalized.

Verdalia GolfVerdalia GolfVerdalia GolfVerdalia Golf

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