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Land preparation

Levelling and treatment of the land

For the installation to be lasting it is very important to level the ground properly, removing stones and hard objects to achieve a smooth surface and install the irrigation system if necessary.

If there is already natural grass, it is recommended that a herbicide be applied, before digging the box.

Installation of irrigation and drainage systems.

If there is already a system in place, prepare the surface to ensure proper drainage of rainwater.

The synthetic grass has very effective drainage, but its effectiveness depends on the terrain, so it is important to ensure that water does not puddle before covering the surface. If necessary, you should have a drainage network.

Soil compaction

You must apply a 10 cm layer of special sand, to level the area and then compact it.

Surface treatment

The use of a mesh anti-weed and / or geotextile is recommended to prevent the growth of weeds and fungi. After these have been put in place, a herbicide should be applied.





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