Verdalia. Artificial turf for the garden - gardening

Verdalia Bermuda, our artificial grass, is part of a new generation
of turf that behaves like natural grass.

Verdalia Bermuda launches the new generation of artificial grass designed to be applied in decoration, gardening and urban residential areas.
This synthetic grass is unlike any other surface so far. Thanks to its new fibre with a concave section and central nerve, it behaves like a living surface, restoring its original position after being walked on. Its innovative design and filament bicolour make it a natural-looking, low maintenance artificial grass, useful for gardening as well as in public areas.

The new urban turf for landscaping and architecture

Verdalia Bermuda Urban is a synthetic coloured turf, created especially for decoration in urban areas. Its durability and appearance surpass other surfaces used for the same purpose and also require minimal maintenance.

Synthetic Grass

Verdalia Artificial turf

The exclusive section of the Verdalia Bermuda artificial grass fibre, gives it natural features.

Synthetic turf colour

Color Artificial Turf

Bermuda Urban is a synthetic turf colour created especially for urban design, which presents some unique qualities, well above other areas of similar use.

Artificial turf for Golf

Artificial turf for golf

This product offers you a surface whose behaviour mirrors natural grass, and it has been tested by professional golfers for optimal performance.

Artificial turf sports

Artificial turf for sport

The synthetic turf surfaces high resistance, low maintenance and appearance unalterable advantages that speak for themselves.